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Asking pictures of Panini dinos and related!

Panini is an Italian editorial company known for his albuns with stickers. In 1992, they launched an album with stickers sold with small plastic prehistoric figures. This series was also released in different years and countries. I noticed in several

New mini-dinos from Papo 2015

In 2014 Papo launched the first set of 6 mini-dinos. All were small versions of the large ones : This year the next set was launched   In my opinion they are not as varied and interesting as the first set, neither in colour nor species. But stil

2014 Prehistoric life from all brands - Ultimate update 6 January 2015

Here is a place to post and discuss all the 2014 Prehistoric models from all the manufacturers. New official Pics will be added on the first post when available. Safari Ltd ammonite Kinto Favorite Anomalocaris Papo

A pair of extinct mammals for 2013

In Dan's Dinosaurs facebook site published the picture of 2 new 2013 items: a "sabertooth cat" and a "sabertooth tiger" And here's the

MICRODINOS, a new collection of Interactive Dinos! - Mojo goes game...

As so often before, Roger has found something very unusual for me : A Mojo Parasaurolophus that you can play videogames with   Our model animals are joining the modern times...Ravensburger made TipToi, - and now Science4you, a Portuguese brand, has mad

Some dinos from Sega Sunrise

As my son collects Sega-Mastersystem games, I could not resist a bis on some Sega-Sunrise dinoes   They are very neat, I think, but as it doesn't say what kind of dinos they are, I need the help from our experts, please   They clearly come from some

Dinos for Dummies: True King Dino Guide

Dinos for Dummies: A Guide to True King Dinosaurs As the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime enters a new era of futuristic virtual monsters it’s satisfying to see the release of a deck that can deliver a prehistoric pounding in exactly the sort of fashion one might

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