South Sea Roller Derby

Official forum of the South Sea Roller Derby League!

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Mid-Atlantic Roller Derby

We are a CO-ED flat track roller derby league in Virginia Beach.

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roller weights

35.6 gm @ 70 mph 4.900 rpm 52 mpg weight added to sliders 28 " " 5.100 " 46 " stock rollers 25.5 " " 5.400 " 41 " mixed 28

Finally, My Take on a HF Bead Roller

I bought a Harbor Freight bead roller last summer so I could fab some floor panels for the Econoline. Of course, it is mostly a paper weight as it comes out of the box with a frame that is too flexible to put any pressure on the dies and shafts that are

roller guide pins

can anyone tell me how to check if my roller pins have to much play in them. is there a easy visual only asking because my clutch shoes have worn down to my acceptable limit and im going to replace with a mallossi fly they seem to be

Double roller timing chain

Just a quick question.The balance shaft removal is to some,a performance upgrade,to others its a waste of time. Vibration, damaged parts etc. The Intense double roller chain requires removal of the balance shaft. anybody have one installed,and why do the

Messing around with the new bead roller

so a couple weeks ago i bought a new baileigh power drive bead roller. it is awesome. got a bunch of new dies from mittler bros. for and have been playing with some aluminum sheet. these two pieces turned out ok so i figured i would show them. these are

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