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Spartan Swill

A place on the internet to discuss MSU sports, bourbon, and cigars, tell made up stories and generally act like an idiot when no one is watching. Sarcasm allowed.

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Watching model train videos

I just watched a few model train videos on YouTube. Looks like a whole lot of $$$ for stuff you have to really pretend a lot to play with. Pretend houses and pretend farms with pretend cows, pretend PA announcements and however much other pretend stuff yo

Been watching too much Hoarders

They had Hoarders on all day yesterday and I guess I overdosed because I started to freak out at all of our roomie's boxes and crap all over the place. I told my husband I was moving out. There is no space for me now. I have to sleep on the den couch

What are you watching?

Space 1999 Black Sun

Watching Sera Myu...

Using the Miss Dream links and watching them in order. You can just watch the budget increase with each installment...interesting to see. 1995 Musical Sailor Moon Ongakushu: Well, this one was just songs. Pretty nice I guess. 1996 Summer - Sailor

Proof Of Date Osama bin Laden Watching Television

Osama bin Laden watched television during one day in January 2010 and decided to record himself watching old footage of his prior adventures. There was one quick image that flashed across his television screen that gave away the exact date the video wa

Watching Whispers

Yo everyone, Watching Whispers is now on youtube at this link:

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