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I thought McCanns knew about diary, Myler tells court

Can you follow my thought

In my delirium I present a twisted thought, When some of us were released we were already receiving CPP(D), for myself it was just over two years before my release date. Our LTD SISIP coverage was to restore what we were making as total income th


From the New York Post from the new book by Ed Klein...."Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary" Hillary Clinton--believing leaks by [name & title] cowh's staff triggered the federal probe of her e-mail account--ripped into the cowh, telling him

Has Anybody heard Anything from the Lawyers or SISIP ????? I thought the GAG was over?

Has anyone heard anything factual in regards to their file? I am trying to figure out how McInnis Cooper came up with a 885 million dollar figure? SISIP doesn't even know how much individuals are owed. I am a little concerned as our intern payments

To The Honorable Minister O'Toole & The Federal Government ! ... some food for thought as you gain ground with Veterans from across this " Great Nation " ........Consider the following " 2 Significant points " please , for Your A

I am speaking Directly to not Only The Minister of Veteran';s Affairs ....... But ,  to The Federal Government , as a whole Unit , to Bring Change to Canada's Veterans ! ...............Take Note of the ... 4 ...  Major  Points  Please

WOW - thought I'd lost you all....

I've just found an e-mail from the Forum - with a link so I'm GLAD to be back !!! It looks BEAUTIFUL. I had a terrible time with pc - it got slower and slower and then at the point of death I shelled out £140 to a on-line PC DR who brought it back

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