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Two walls? dark winds

This quest is a royal pain... 2 terra s. ceanataurs in the moat arena... I got pretty far the first time i tried it, and will be more prepared the next time. I'm just curious if it's worth it? I'd like to upgrade some of my old ceanataur weapons (red

SDL 90+ Wall Tiles

old #define MAXWALLTILES 90 // max number of wall tiles new #define MAXWALLTILES 4000 // max number of wall tiles //// I want to make new WOLF4SDL mod. What happens when MAXwalltiles adjusted to

Tank Panels

Creator: Thomvonder Original Creator: Sophie Requires:  ZT2 Bugs: no zoopedia Note: Place the panels in front of the tank wall. Picture: Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?5zxf7vmz2uw82x3

Do you like SOD or Wolf3d Walls Better?

Do you like SOD or Wolf3d Walls Better? I gotta reply SOD now...

How To Fly!

Hey Everyone!, Nicki here and I'm going to teach you how to fly in fantage. ( Only if you don't know how lol) First: Go in you inventory and go to your Creature Section. Click on you creature. then that sign will pop saying you must go to the Creature

Relic Hunter series

Hello everyone. I am going to post new chapter of Relic Hunter every monday. Each chapter will consist 1 location map level (x-0) and 4 playable levels to beat (x-1, x-2, x-3, x-4). The series is heavily based upon Indiana Jones films. Main inspiration

Walls in 6th

What 6th gen pokemon make good walls?

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