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Providing quality Sims 2 downloads, game help, social discussions, group projects & activities in a friendly, fun atmosphere.

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Post your art here. Pixels, drawings, recolors, polls and any type of things related.

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Fantage Recolours

Join for fantage cheats, recolors and more!

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Your Collectible Collection?

Hello all! Not much has been going on in our BIONICLE (and LEGO) forums of late. But I do have a question for you: what collectibles do you (still) own? We all remember the BIONICLE collectibles: Kanohi, Krana, Kraata, Kanoka, variants thereof,

Blues Recolors[and other stuff now](:

Well, here is my newest recolors! Ill post all my recolors here for y'all to see(: *Fantage Recolors/Pixels* Yeah, i kinda ran outta colors after the hair and board.. I think its pretty awesome though(: This one wasnt to bad.. The board is

All (fine, maybe some) of my recolors in the past

Sooo... I'm bored so I'm gonna show you most of my recolors. Most. Not all xD I'll put them from newest to oldest. (open the spoiler to see it) Spoiler:  I did this in the car, i know it sucks xD Its an old pic, but i just recolored

Fantage OHSHC recolors!

First of all OHSHC mean ouran high school host club and yes thats an anime.I did Haruhi in her girl school uniform because that would be easier. Well here they are!

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