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My RCA Victor New Orthophonics

I haven't posted a new thread here in awhile, and Bill Cahill wants me to be more active in the forum. So, here goes, my collection of RCA multi-speed New Orthophonic high fidelity phonographs. My 7-HF-5 consolette, which I believe was made in 1956.

Need help with model of my stand up VICTOR RADIO

Hi all I got this Radio from my dad but he doesn't know anything about it. I was wondering if anyone could help me out.[img][/img]

RCA Victor T-55

Here's the second of the 3 I have been rebuilding. The chassis was badly rusted and took 6 application of naval jelly to get it clean enough to paint.

RCA Victor 3-RF-91

Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have a RCA 3RF91 radio that had all caps and electrolytics replaced recently. The radio works great when in AM and phono and has very loud volume. However when switched to FM the volume has to be

RCA Victor BP-10

O.K. Guys. Tell me I wasn't crazy. I bought it on an offer of 22.50 on ebay. Was I out of my mind?? Scroll down to see item............

RCA Victor 29k

I have an RCA Victor 29k with a nice cabinet but the chassis....well not so nice. Rubber wire insulation cracked and falling apart. All tubes test good but had nothing but a low hiss from the speaker. I have replace the filter caps (10/450, 10/440, 20/25

Victor French on The Waltons

I just watched a season 2 episode of The Waltons (I didn't watch it when it first aired for some reason, so I'm just now discovering the series). This episode had a blacksmith named Curtis Norton, a neighbor of the Waltons. A boy from the local orphanag

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