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Camelia vert or direction

Hi all, I dug this camelia about a year ago, it is throwing many new shoots even some you cannot see from the photos and i am wondering if some one could give me some direction maybe with a vert or drawing. Its a lovely big stump, I would like to train

Beret vert and para israelien for sale on ebay

WTT/WTS Algeria Barbara Elizabeth Urd Lana Fang Lactea Spica Ethelred Alias Colbert Desire Celine Vertex Margot Klau Vert Flores Kaya Gideon Ami Amalia Aria QxQ Medo Skuld Nina Magnus Monica Closer

Finally got time to update my sell list some cards i want to sell: accepting TE : pots = 1:1 7* m Algeria (M) - 1900TE mlb Algeria (U) - 1900TE f Barbara (M) - 1500TE mlb Elizabeth - 800TE mlb Urd - 2000TE mlb Lana - 800TE mlb Fang -

VLF ant

Of course this not SW but VLF. I'm making an antenna on a 3 ft. square form with taps at 14 turns, 28 turns and 42 turns. When I triangulate for the direction of the incoming sig is it the broadside of the loop that is the receptor side or the edgewise

My journey for Vert just got harder...

Being a nonpaying player who has only managed to get a 6* from the login events, aiming for 6mil points was a bit out of my reach but I tried anyway. I really wanted Vert. For aesthetics and ability. So today I decided that since I missed her I should


What to trade soleil event 6* for vert!!!! Open trade s> lvl 10 3* set @ 1 set

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