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Gladiator,Thor,beta ray bill,and Hulk vs Mangog(classic)

Classic Mangog strength is off the scales,can even these 4 supermen beat this living incarnation of strength.Defeat the almost all powerful Mangog!

Beta Ray Bill vs Hercules

Round 1 - BRB does not have Stormbreaker Round 2 - BRB does have Stormbreaker Round 3 - BRB has no Powers and it is Chaos Wars Herc Round 4 - Hercules has no powers and has to let BRB hit him 50 million times without getting knocked out while jus

How Long Was Bill Murray Stuck in 'Groundhog Day'? The Answer May Surprise You The complete breakdown (lol) is

Nightmare Bill Contest

Enter ContestView EntriesInvite Friends Grand Prize Kindle Fire valued at $199! 2nd Prize $50 American Express Gift Card! 3rd Prize $20 Starbucks Gift Card! Contest Instructions 1. “Like” us on Facebook 2.

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