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Post Wallpapers and Avatars Here!

Post any wallpapers or avatars/siggys here. Feel free to share them or ask for someone to make them one. -Leia <3

Weekly Wallpapers!

As you already know i have a crapload of art.. including wallpapers.. ill start posting my weekly wallpaper that will help me get through the art! week of aug 24-31 tnmt

Icons, Banners, and Wallpapers by Konaxookami

I have a bit too much free time in my graphics class-so I normally get a bunch of time to do whatever I want with photoshop-which means I get extra credit for making icons and the like of things I enjoy! =D Anyone can use these too-I don't care. x3 A

Humble Beginnings

I have had plenty of novice experiences and messing around with photoshop, but i never actually created anything. UNTIL NOW With the soon release of Guild Wars 2 I decided to make an Asura race themed desktop wallpaper. Here it is:Spoiler: Hop

Battle of Phantoms

Battle of Phantoms Hello duelists and welcome to the Battle of Phantoms event! You all know here on DA we have 4 dormitories, and 3 of them are Ra Yellow, Obelisk Blue and Slifer Red. In this Event, depending on what dorm you are, you are going to

Gerry's childhood pal has Hollywood in mind too....

Has anyone caught his story yet? Look out for him: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-interviews/2010/08/21/river-city-star-tom-urie-set-to-follow-in-footsteps-of-pal-gerard-butler-86908-22503328/

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