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Skyrim Xbox 360 /PC Modder & new to Fallout modding.

Started playing with mods for Skyrim on the Xbox 360 & just recently switched to the PC (finally!), but this is my first time to be doing it for the Fallout series. Bethesda titles are my all-time favorite type of games - TES & FO series, to be

Hey New modder

Hey everyone I tried to mod but was actually to late as shipped straight off t o basic training and all. But now I've got free time so was wondering if I could get some help or something with modding and being a new modder. Trying to really make New Vega Know Your Modder. An interview to RSR team

Radiator Springs Racing was interviewed by DrivingItalia in their "Know Your Modder" section. The Team would like to thank once more Andrea "Uff" Candini and the DrivingItalia Staff for this nice opportunity. We have been really happy to speak about us

Command line modifiers in D2SE

I want to add the -nopickup thing to D2SE for version XIV but I can't see anywhere to do it. The initial screen has a pane in the bottom right area saying it's "D2 startup commands for modder" but there seems no way to do anything with

We should invite the modder shifu83 here.

hey guys. does anyone know how to contact the modder shifu83 (that was his nexus handle till he just got banned)? dude knows how to port cod bo3 weaps pretty decently. he had a mod up yesterday that used the haymaker model that was pretty good and i think

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