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Will he get on with a Maltese

Hi Im new to this site and wanted some advise. We have a female Maltese x that belongs to my daughter but my husband really wants a staffy. We have friends who are staffy breeders and they have assured us that the staffy will be fine with the maltese

Food & Play Queries

Hi all, Duke is doing pretty well overall, plays nice with other puppies (although loudly) and has switched to Innova dry food painlessly. Recently though he's had a bit of dry skin/dandruff and after some research I've read that canned fish is really

maltese puppies

There are two gorgeous maltese puppies on mayhews site. I don't often see this breed in rescue and being puppies I'm sure they will be snapped up quick!

Bentley Malteser - Maltese Terrier (West Essex)

No one has told Bentley that he’s small – like a typical terrier, he has a huge personality and thinks he has a body to match. He’s a 14 year old Maltese Terrier who has come into Oldies Club care through no fault of his own and he’s hoping to find

Here's my doggy

My Maltese Terrier Penny

Does anyone know the half cut, puppy cut for a maltese?

Hi to fellow dog lovers and groomers.. ive started grooming dogs and for the life of me can not master the half cut on maltese and springers. ive been usings 5f, 4f osters blades and everytime, the dogs coat turns out blotchy and uneven. i would greatly

What to do with a horny dog?!

A question for owners of male dogs who are intact but not used for breeding - what do you do with them? Mine is currently going through a difficult period (not helped by the bitch in season next door) and I hate to see him so agitated. I don't intend to

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