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I felt so bad for Rainbow Dash in today's new episode of MLP: FiM

Rainbow Dash really likes Tank the Turtle. It was so sad to see her say goodbye to Tank who wouldn't spend time with her due to his hibernation. If I was there when she cried and the other Mane 6 cried with her. I would have cried as well and gave her a

Dash for Cash an appaloosa unicorn

name:Dash for Cash (Dash for short) type of animal:unicorn breed:appaloosa color:white coat with black spots personality:demanding and is very strong gender:female (this is her)

Rainbiw Dash's sonic rain boom energy drink

Alright so i made a power point for school about a energy drink(one made by Rainbow Dash) and i was wondering if anypony would like to see it?

Fan Fic: Corporal Dash and Private Pie

Okay, so I got this idea and I couldn't get it out of my head, so I'm taking a stab at writing it just for kicks. I'm just going to write the prologue right now to see what you all think before I go anywhere with it. --- Prologue:Rainbow Dash and

[Official!] Project Horizons Comment Crew Chat thread.

Also, never watched any transformer movies, but this track makes me want to watch them : https://soundcloud.com/simgretina/megatron

Rainbow dash draw something

My friend drew this on his Ipod, it took over an hour and a half and he ran out of ink before he could finish, its still pretty epic.

My littleArthur

This is too cute and hilarious Pinkie pie is Buster XDXD Twilight sparkle is Arthur Apple jack is Sue Ellen Rainbow dash is the Fran!!! Rarity is Muffy which makes sense DW being Silver spoon hahah, although she could be a mixture between Diamond

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