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Pony swag

Every forum has one, post photos of your pony swag. I will post later when on my computer and the lighting is better for pics (also when I get my belated bday presents on Sunday to complete my main six).

Pinkie Pie cardboard cutout! (pictures finally added)

I made myself a medium size (didn't have the cardboard for lifesize) stand-up cut out of Pinkie Pie!!! she stands just about 21.5 inches tall and is make using PosterRazor, as opposed to Rasterbator (i love that programs name) because Rasterbator makes

S03E03 Too Many Pinkie Pies

720p Youtube Hooray for episodes leaking early.

Your favorite artist(s)?

Now before you say it, I know I'm your favorite artist but besides me, who is your favorite pony artist? Here's my list. This list is mainly with artists that have an interesting art style and ponies that I look up

pinkie pie's birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINKIE PIE as most of you know in "a friend indeed pinkie said in 75 days it would be her birthday AND IT HAS BEEN 75 DAYS and i think we should have a party!!!!!!!!1 what should we do to celebrate?

Pinkie Pie Plushie

So, ive been wanting a plushie since i saw people having them on this forum. After searching for hours to no appeal, i have pondered on weather i should make a plushie. since Pinkie Pie is my fav, i was thinking of making her. What are your ponies

S4 Episode 12 - Pinkie Pride

Well, the episode certainly lived up to the crazy expectations. Multiple songs, crazier and crazier antics, and multiple Derpy appearances including one of Filly Derpy. It was definitely a fun episode, that's for sure. Although the live action

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