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The long-awaited version 0.9.0 download is now available! Main Download (ALL MINOR PATCHES ARE

Smash Bros Crusade Roster Leak

Smash King wrote:Mario series Mario (Super Mario Bros) Green Mario / Weird Mario (Mario's Time Machine) Peach (Super Mario Bros) Bowser (Super Mario Bros) Toad (Shrooms) Waluigi (Brawl in the Family) Petey Piranha (Super Mario Sunshine) Paratroopa

Legion Crusade Army List book

so one of the B&C members who ordered the special edition copy of HH book 3 with all the extra goodies went through and posted all the changes he noticed in the legion army book compared to the original entries between the 3 isstvan books. Crusade Army

Super Smash Bros. Crusade: New Demo 2.0! (Download & Trailer!)

The long-awaited Super Smash Bros Crusade demo is here!  Version 0.2 Download: And here's a link to the SSBC Thread on Smash Boards: There are 20 characters and 8

Super smash bros crusade v0.8.4

how to get a super smash bros crusade v0.8.4 free thank you in advance

Dark Eldar in FFG's Black Crusade

I just got Fantasy Flight Game's new rpg, the Black Crusade, today and immediately read the parts about Dark Eldar. Most of it was pretty standard and familiar to aybody who has read the codex, but there were some interesting tidbits. The book includes

[NEWS] BoLS release their Macharian Crusade suppliment

Download it now fellas Please head over and download, it's good to show support to people that put this much effort into the hobby we all share! Oh, and its pretty damn sweet

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