Clan War Pigs 99

Forum dedicated to the success and domination of the Viking clans War Pigs 99 and War Piglets.

clan, pigs, dedicated, success, domination, #viking, clans, piglets

Viking Empire

We are are Minecraft pocket edition server giving you the best mini games, factions, and role playing experiences.

#viking, empire, minecraft, pocket, edition, server, mini, games, factions, role, playing, experiences

Niflheimr riki

The Politics & War forum of the alliance Niflheimr riki.

niflheimr, riki, politics, alliance, #viking, norse, nation, niflheim, nordreich, nordland, odin, einherjer, asatru, valknut

Kings and Queens of Runes - RPG

A forum based fantasy RPG, with similarities to Dungeons and Dragons, and many other fantasy based games, along with ideas from other forum based games.

magic, #viking, medieval, fantasy, based, similarities, dungeons, dragons, games, game, vampire, werewolf, sword, armor, fighting, warrior, wizard, story, role, play, roleplay, roleplaying, role-playing, rune

^Nomad Alliance^

^Nomad Alliance^ : Total War: Online MultiPlayer Games.

online, multiplayer, shogun, total, medieval, #viking, invasion, rome, barbarian, m2total, samurai, warlords, empire

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L12PW The Revivial

Cuz I want this thread back and I can't find the one that came before this... it must have been lost forever in the interwebz... Let's do this.

Viking "Ragnarok/Viking Ideas"

I saw on the Ottoman civilization discussion something about Ragnarok being added to the Vikings, but since this mod is not mythological, I thought of a way to make it "non-mythological". The idea is, you can call Ragnarok like you would Revolt,

Viking Saga (Builder)

Viking Saga by Realore - April, 2013 Available at: Realore Big Fish for PC GameHouse iWin Adventures begin! Be the first to try VIKING SAGA! Viking Saga – a brand new strategy from Realore. Exciting adventures of young Ingolf await you!

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