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Free forum : agriculture Equipment

Free forum : Exporter of Rice Huller, Emery Mill, Grinding Mill, Threshers, Chaff Cutter, Blower type Engine, Belt Fastener, Transmission Belts, Agricultural Engines, Agricultural Spare Parts, farm Eq

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Automatic Mini Register

A forum for all information about the classic automatic mini and all other BLMC A series engined models with AP automatic transmission.

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International Telecommunications Transmission Network. This is a communications hub of a Virtual Military Political World that incorporates Google Earth for territorial borders, air spaces, and military unit positions. Where Factions use FSX and Arm

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Make a 12-Speed Transmission from a 6-Speed Transmission?

My Friend Suggested this Idea, Some Transports have a similar Idea where you have your normal First Gear to lets say Sixth Gear then you shift another gear handle and you start all over again from Seventh Gear to Twelfth Gear and again up-to your eighteen

Peerless 700 transmission questions

Hey guys, I want to get a peerless 700 transmission for my monster mower build. But as I look online, I see some with output sprockets, and some without. I also see some with spined output shafts. I guess you can get spined sprockets for them, right? and


Hey i was just wondering if theres any way to quite my tranny its a stock foote one thats on craftsmans and has had the grease cleaned out and put oil in it but it still has a loud whinning noise can you guys help me Please

Peerless transmission.

Does anyone know what tractors generally come with peerless transmissions?

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