Automatic Mini Register

A forum for all information about the classic automatic mini and all other BLMC A series engined models with AP automatic transmission.

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Notarealporsche.net - The Forum for all water-cooled classics

Porsche 924 944 968 928 and other classic car forum

porsche, classic, forum, owners, front, #engined, club, tipec, pcgb

Motorized Bikes

Motorized Bicycle Forum - For and By Motor Bicyclists Come in and check out and/or add to our new Bicycle Motor Database!

motorized, bicycle, forum, engine, bike, motor, motored, motoring, engines, #engined, bicycles, bikes

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LITTLE B' - David Brown bike engined mini tractor

Hi all, Thought i would put up a few pics, showing what is going on under the skin on my wee David Brown mini tractor.  As i had mentioned this was built with no rule books or production chassis as a basis, i kinda built the tractor around the engine,

Mid-engined-rat-rod-racer MERRR! [2016 Build-Off Entry]

Mower project 1 2016 Mid Engined Rat Rod Racer - MERRR! The observant of you will have spotted this in last year’s build off. What with getting married and organising the wedding, life (happily) got in the way and I was unable to finish.

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