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The first English Transformice forums for this wildly popular game!

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Koopa Kingdom

It's The King Bowser's Forum (Mine)

koopa, kingdom, it's, king, bowser's, (mine)

Free forum : Wolf 3D Fan boys

Free forum : This own forum of mine was made for my group. It is possible to attain many things like that here like what: hex editing. Join valiantly. Moderators will be neat here.

wolf, boys, group, attain, editing, join, valiantly, moderators

Melificence Magic World

A place just for me and mine were i store things i love and want to keep

melificence, magic, world, place, store, love

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Another GIMP pic of mine

Okay, since I already made another GIMP picture, I'm not gonna post any more of these threads. I'll be posting them in my art thread. Anyway, today I tried my second GIMP picture, and I liked it even BETTER than the first one. Spoiler:  Okay, rate

Join "Mine (and Your) Craft" with YourMCAdmin

Soooo... hmm... I need to film this series. But I'm lacking a good way of choosing guests. Recording sessions will be about an hour long. They will be during my hours which are weird as it is. I'm usually available 7 am until 1 pm Eastern Standard

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