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Neem and frogs

Today when I was in the garden I noticed some leaf miners, and also a few spots on some of my tomato plants. I would like to use some neem oil, but we also have a lively community of tree frogs, and they love going in the plants at night to sing. I

Using Neem Oil

I used neem oil for the first time this past weekend. I read the directions that said to mix 2 tablespoons with one gallon of water and spray on the plants. The directions also had enough warnings in them to frighten me a little bit. Warnings about contac

I have Toads!!! Fence dilemma...

I'm so excited to discover I have toads in my yard, and they are huge. I discovered this while looking for something in my dark kitchen one evening. Through the sliding glass doors in the dark something moved and I could see that just outside was an

Giant Frog!

Is it a good thing a giant frog has taken up residence in my garden? He has found himself a home under one of my tomato plants and in the corner. I am not sure how he managed to get in the garden considering my box is like 20" tall or so (maybe taller). M

Help! Something is eating my marigolds!

I planted a marigold in each bed to help deter bugs, oh well! Couldn't find any bugs, but 1 of my marigolds is eaten down to the ground. All the leaves are chewed up. The bloom is still attached, guess it doesn't taste good. Is this what is supposed to

About the toad abode...

So my girls were pretty excited to learn that toads are good garden workers because we seem to get plenty of them visiting our yard as it is. They're now all set with their little toad abodes to try and turn some of our nomad toads into boarders and were

Beneficial Insects

Hi I am part of a community garden and last year we really battled insects. This year we are trying to be more proactive. We plan on buying lace wing bugs, ladybugs, and praying mantis to add to the garden. We did ladybugs last year but they did not seem

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