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We are a reptile & exotic related forum, with a fun and friendly feel to it. Suitable for all ages.

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A place to talk about all your pets

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Emerald Isle Exotics

An Irish-based forum for pet owners & animal lovers to discuss their animals and share information, particularly exotic species!

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Forked Tongue Forum

Free community for North Florida Reptile Keepers.

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Giant Frog!

Is it a good thing a giant frog has taken up residence in my garden? He has found himself a home under one of my tomato plants and in the corner. I am not sure how he managed to get in the garden considering my box is like 20" tall or so (maybe taller). M

Lizards Eating Strawberries??

Do lizards eat strawberries ??? I had a couple of nice plump strawberries about ready to harvest. I went out the next morning to pick them and all except one was gone. When I went out to the garden, I saw what looked like a chipmunk running away from

My fence is trapping lizards. :(

We recently put up an 18" barrier fence of 1/2" plastic hardware cloth to use in conjunction with electric fence wiring. It's been great to not have squirrels or anything else eating the garden any more, but yesterday I was behind one of my boxes, where I

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