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This Starblazer comic book forum is created to unite all the Starblazer (by DC Thompson) fans.

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Free forum : wisconsin-sports

Free forum : A place for fanatics of Wisconsin sports where all are invited to talk/vent about sports AND everything else.

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Free forum : New World Cafe

Free forum : A place to relax and shoot the breeze with friends, give and recieve advice and help each other through lifes many trials and tribulations in an atmosphere of mutual respcet.

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Revell P-47D in 1/72nd

Finished Revell's P-47D with quite some mistakes, mostly due to incorrect Revell decals and instructions. According to photos, the bull should be totally black. Also revell's instructions does not mention the red wingtips, and incorrectly placed underwing

Anita Thompson

Anita Thompson(ex pat USA) then living Opua was a friend of Yvonne Rust from her days in the Bay of Islands...Her beautiful Raku pots were available briefly around 1995 from the Quarry Craft Shop.

Mickey Thompson Attempt 1

This are some links to Attempt 1 stuff at Thompson Motor Sports. Can be very helpful if you are building this model.

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