Shiver Balnazzar Forum

This forum is from the World of Warcraft guild "shiver", Balnazzar-EU.

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Nameless Whispers Productions

In the dark of the night You'll shiver in fright In the wake of the monsters that lurk inside your mind But have no fear Your prayers have been answered For the those whose whispers are nameless Are here

free, nameless, whispers, productions, dark, night, you'll, #shiver, fright, wake, monsters, that, lurk, inside, your, mind, have, fear, praye

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Lace Mamba Global to Publish Lucius

Lace Mamba Global Acquires Worldwide Rights for Shiver Games' "Lucius" Publisher Lace Mamba Global announced today a collaboration with Finnish developers Shiver Games to bring "Lucius" a 3rd person mystery horror to a worldwide

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