Gumtree Animal Ban

Animals are ending up in the wrong hands all to often. Gumtree needs regulation and screening of all animal ads if not then a full BAN of animals on Gumtree

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No screening?

Hi guys! Newbie SFG questions here! Curious.. what would happen if I put my SFG frame directly on top of bare soil, without having screening at the bottom of the frame? (Of course, I would have MM filling the frame, and the grid on top too) Why does

Box Bottom: Size and placement of Drill Holes; Use of Fiberglass Screening and Gravel

Hey All! This is my first post and already questions!   I have massive trees on my street, and my front yard is filled with roots so that nothing can thrive there. My plan is to bury 24 inch deep boxes with bottoms (made from 3/4 inch, waterproof

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