Gumtree Animal Ban

Animals are ending up in the wrong hands all to often. Gumtree needs regulation and screening of all animal ads if not then a full BAN of animals on Gumtree

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Nilai Impian Community Forum

Forum Announcement, Forum Regulation, Survey / Poll From Forum, FAQ About Forum, General Info, Location, Map, Comment / Suggestion, Introduce Yourself, Current Activity, Announcement/Suggestion/Comment/Invitation, Resident Association, Safety ( Secur

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NAFTA 2017 - regulation changes not requiring nationalization?

At a dinner table conversation this evening, someone said they 'heard' (ok, I know, I know .... ) that in 2017 a NAFTA Regulation or Rule goes into place where we will no longer be required to nationalize our NAFTA 'zone' foreign-plated (US or Canada) car

Regulation for Emissions test / Jalisco & foreign-plated cars

The GR article from Feb 4 - 10 gave a web address for the citation for the regulation, There seems to be some problems with getting into this web address. Has anyone else tried it, or Spencer, do you have a corrected


US Consulate Checklist                  Passports                                   April, 2018 1. Proper form completed and signed 2. 2 photos 2”x2” or 5 x 5 cm. (NO GLASSES) 3. Bank checks payable to “United States Disbursing Officer on Behalf” in

Wills and succession law in Italy

Since this new forum got off the ground have the members found a place to discuss this topic.?  It is always interesting to me to discuss how the new EU regulation on succession and wills will affect British citizens with property in Italy as the UK did

AFrames & 2014 – Truth so far

AFrames & 2014 – Truth so far As we have all done so far, I have trawled the internet for the new rules and legislations on 2014 A-Frames. I have spoke to the relevant people at the Department for Transport and I have read “Regulation 13” front to

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