Ragnarok RPG

An original rp that involves human being that possess unqiue powers. Here you can bring your creations to life and determine where his or her life goes whether they become powerful police

hakusho, ragnarok, original, that, involves, human, being, #possess, unqiue, powers, here, bring, your, creations, life, determine, where

Riverside Springs Pack

The Riverside Springs is home to a friendly environment of hardy wolves, who know skills most couldn't possess...like clibing. The Riverside wolves are known for their apt skills in climbing, hunting, and tracking.

riverside, springs, pack, home, friendly, environment, hardy, wolves, know, skills, most, couldn't, #possess, like, clibing, known, their, climbing, hunting

Ħγpモr. Home of the proest gunbound players.

Free forum : Ħγp モr With examplary skills and diginity we will never fail our purpose and Destiny. We hold the power to conquer between heaven and hell. Too Discover the power and talent you possess

free, ħγpモr., home, proest, gunbound, players.

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How exactly is the Rinnegan obtained?

Ok, so we know there has to be some sort of combination of Senju and Uchiha DNA, but that doesn’t seem to be like the only requirement there is to get the Rinnegan. As we know, Madara has been the only one able to awaken it so far, but he didn’t get it as

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