Five Lifetimes, One Love

Discussion for the blossoming relationship between Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime

ichixhime, ichigo, flol, #orihime, five, lifetimes, ichihime, love, inoue, kurosaki, lady


bleach, arena, boards, shinigami, rukia, ichigo, orihime

bleach-boards, bleach, arena, boards, shinigami, rukia, ichigo, #orihime

Bleach Unified:: A Bleach RPG

A Bleach RPG with a new plot. You can play as your favorite character, or make a custom one. Have fun!

bleach, unified, anime, byakuya, rukia, toshiro, ichigo, ishida, #orihime, espada, arrancar, soul, reaper, shinigami, society, role-play, game, online

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Hinata is Top 3 girl men want to date

Website Tokyo Otaku Mode held a poll asking anime and manga fans via a Facebook poll which male or female anime characters they would most want to date. 2,845 respondents from 100 countries picked their

The NaruHarem Appreciation Thread

I don't even... Ahem. Naruto deserves love.... so why not let him have ALL the love?

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