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Need Help with Mel's Mix & LOWE's is a no go in my area. Please.

Hello, I am new and my name is Katch and this is my first reply to a posting. I think it is a bit fitting that it is based on the Mix, since that is one of the very beginnings of SFG. I am trying to remember if there is a recipe for products

ISO best garden nurseries

Anyone have recommendations for garden nursery with good selections? Have already checked out the one at the Walmart intersection. Last time I was there the selection was somewhat low. Thanks!

Atlanta area deal

Hey all Atlanta area gardeners. If you are like me - late bloomers, here is your chance. Pike nurseries is getting rid of their transplants and selling them for fifty cents each for tomatoes and peppers, happy and healthy transplants that are blooming and

Hello From Georgia

Greetings, I am new to square foot gardening and I am extremely excited. I tried my first hand at traditional gardening last year and was pretty pleased. A true southern gal..born and rasied in Georgia, it's in my blood. I look forward to all of the

Picture from a Belgian nursery

A part from Cactus Flower in Rumst, Belgium, cactus nursery between Antwerp and Brussels, with a good range of Mammillarias. photo: P. Deconinck

What to use instead of packaged trellis netting?

I have my conduit all set up and ready for trellis netting. Unfortunately, I found that I am not able to just run and pick it up anywhere local (not that I can find anyway). We are leaving for vacation so I need to do something today or tomorrow as far a

Newbie in Riverton, Utah

Although we have tried gardening in the past, we have never had a ton of luck (last year we had three pepper plants and no peppers--but the plants grew well...) so this year we are going with the SFG method and hoping things work out better. Now I need

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