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So I know that fertilizer is not supposed to be needed with Mel's Mix. But...this is my first year gardening and I built and filled my box with dirt before I read all of Mel's book. So my dirt is a mess of composted manure, a little vermiculite and peat

fertilizer boost opinion

My plants seem to be very sluggish, so I decided to get some fertilizer. I found Zoom Organic, which are pellots. The instructions say to work them into the soil, but I was wondering if I could add them to water, shake & let it desolve, then water

Oragnic Fertilizer Recipe

Homemade Organic Fertilizer uses seed meal, lime, rock dusts, guano, kelp meal, bone meal,etc. From Mother Earth News


Hi everyone, I have been reading about making fertilizer for roses and garden vegetables and was wondering if anyone actually does this? I know that Carolyn Phillips in her thread about Tomato Produce Greenhouse SFG on page 3 talks about making her own

Bat Guano & Fish Fertilizer

In searching for compost sources for my 5 types of compost, I've run across a source that sells bat guano and they also have something called "fish fertilizer".  I can't post a link because I'm still a new user, but you can find the products on

Zoom Organic fertilizer

I picked up a bag of Zoom Organic fertilizer & added to my garden about 2 weeks ago. And like a ditz, I did not pay attention to the ratio, but it is only 4-3-2. Last week I sprayed Miracle Grow Liquiafeed, which is recomended to be applied every 7-14

What do the numbers refer to in regards to NPK in fertilizer?

This year, in addition to our 3 SFG's, we are going to to some container gardening as well. I have several heirloom varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers I want to try. I've been doing a lot of reading and video watching of various methods of planting,

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