Free forum : Necromancy

Free forum : Welcome Everybody ^^

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Free forum : The World Of Sin's

Free forum : A role play site for all who Love to be involved in the arts of the darkness of necromancy and killing The wars go on every moment of the day in this Fashion There Is hope that the darkne

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The Legion of RP

Welcome, we are a group of Role players seeking out a home. We except all forms of Role players, both young and old, new and experienced, and even active and inactive. We are The Legion of RP.

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Free forum : Path of the spirit

Free forum : Path of the spirit is a forum for those who follow a shamanistic path, natural witchcraft and pagan path.

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Free forum : The Arcane Lodge

Free forum : The Arcane Lodge welcomes all practitioners of various schools of Magick. . . whether you are an adept or neophyte.

arcane, lodge, welcomes, practitioners, magic, magick, adept, neophyte, black, demons, evocation, #necromancy, divination, devil, djinn, spirits, hauntings, supernatural, paranormal, esoteric, occult

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Magic Primary Magic: Necromancy Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here) Caster or Holder:Caster Description: The user's magical abilities revolve around manipulating the dead, death, the life-force and

The Coronal makes an announcement about Necromancy

To all who come to the lands of Myth Drannor Necromancy is not permitted here and never will be. Those who bring these evil arts into the City will never be tolerated. Necromancy is to be fought. It is abomination in the eyes of the Coronal

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