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George Clooney to film next movie in St. Louis

Mr. Clooney is coming to my stomping grounds, and if the opportunity arises, I'm seriously thinking about trying out as an extra for the film (word is they might need upwards of about 2,000 of them). So five months of possible Clooney sightings and the

Swap Meet in St.Louis this Saturday !

As my toy account still reels from this past Saturday, THIS pops up:

Louis Koo urges people to donate to Ching Hai earthquake victims, Ron's rumour with Louis

Louis Koo as the ambassador for UNICEF participated in a fund raising event for Ching Hai earthquake victim. He appeared very serious throughout the event. Apart from urging people to donate generously, he revealed that his own trust fund had also donate

Louis Desmant? or Lucien Desmant? Arts an Crafts Jug

Hi, any info is appreciated, I have researched as much as i can and what i have found if correct is possibly a rare french art pottery jug made either by Louis Desmant or Lucien Desmant it is incised what looks like L D, looks quite old im thinking 1890is

Louis Hudson , Cornwall

marked Lh , this is a hanbuilt coiled piece and therefore much rarer than the usual lightweight moulded pieces

Louis Poulsen (Denmark)

Series: 'Folkets Hus'. Designer: Wilhelm Lauritzen. Year: 1956 Mid-1970s Sales Leaflet

Versailles, Louis XIV's royal remodeling project

On Sept. 5, 1638, Louis XIV was born. He presided over the lavish transformation of the chateau at Versailles from a royal hunting lodge to the magnificent palace we know today.

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