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[Utility] Various HoMM2 Tools

Here is a list of available utilities for Heroes 2 made by fans all over the world. Deep thanks to homm2.com and handbookhmm.ru for providing the downloads. Heroes 2 Patches by AlexSpl These patches (four different files for different English and

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Desecrated Lands

Here is an archive of H2 Desecrated lands, a so-called add-on for H2, basically being a map pack made by some fans. The overall quality of the maps is really poor, sometimes they look like made in random map generator. Still, this should be stored

HoMM2 Map Archives

Is there anyone who has already downloaded these maps? https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HoMM2MapArchives/info Yahoo demands the phone number for the inscription, how awful!!!

Did you know that... HoMM2 Units!

So I was digging in the animation files and found some interesting things. So lets play a game, type how many of these you did know and how many suprised you   Did you know that: 1) Archer from knight castle is a girl IMG:  2) Mages

Homm2 gog/dosbox balance mod

Hello, I use homm2 GOG version in dosbox.  (SP or MP on one pc.. no network play) The main reason is the built-in graphic upscaler, which can create (up-converting) sharp and  relatively 'good quality' picture for 1080p or 2k monitors.  Original

[RU][Offline] HoMM2 Tournament of the Landless 2015 (Турнир Безземельных)

HeroesPortal.net starts a new tournament for new users. If you don't have a tournament achievements in Heroes 2 on the portal, you are the most welcome to participate! TOURNAMENT LINK End of the tournament: 2nd of April, 2015, Moscow time (GMT +

[Utility] GrayFace's HoMM2 Utilities

A must-have for every modder: the tools from GrayFace aka sergroj allow to pack/unpack Heroes 1 and Heroes 2 data files. AGG (HoMM2 general data files) ICN (HoMM2 sprites) TIL (HoMM2 tileset data files)  ICN and TIL files are stored in the

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