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Area Effect Attack - a few questions

1. I know it works on a 5 yard radius ... but does it include 100% damage? Or does the monster I actually hit get more damage than the others? Does it add the elemental / poison dmg as well? 2. If I`m using Strength Beyond Strength with a Claw, does

Mass Effect Mods

So I don't really know what kind of ME mods are here, but I've started making a Miranda follower based on lsquall's awesome Miranda Race mod, with her voice extracted from the ME games. This is the first time ever I started doing a mod in FNV, and I

(Mod) Replace the new scraping effect.

Not really a mod, but the original file to revert back to the original scraping sound effect. Click me

Mass Effect Mods (for Other Games)

Post links and descriptions, and I'll try to keep them consolidated in the OP. Galactic Civilizations II - Ultimate Edition Mass Effect Civilizations Sins of a Solar Empire - Rebellion Dawn of the Reapers Star Wars: Battlefront II Mass

Mass Effect 3!

S0 cl03e y3t s0 f4r!

Weapons Delay effect Script

Code:var amount : float = 0.02; var maxAmount : float = 0.03; var smooth : float = 3; private var def : Vector3;   function Start (){     def = transform.localPosition; }   function Update

Mass Effect 3: Jackal Squad

Fall in recruits! Jackal Squad is calling for the meanest, hardest, most bloodthirsty savages to ever disgrace the uniform! We're taking the fight to the enemy and kicking them in the teeth! If you think you're a badass and you want to send these

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