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Pro Football Talk


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Phil's (Philter4) Amazon river dolphin repaint - Inia geoffrensis

Our dioramaster once made a charming amazon river dolphin sculpt. i always wanted to repaint it and i finally found the time now. Phil's river dolphin And here's my current freshwater dolphin fleet:

Mojo Fun 2012 Bottlenose Dolphin (and 2012 Sea Lion too)

I recently ordered the 2012 Mojo Fun models of the Dolphin and the Sea Lion. These figures, along with the Great White Shark and the Orca, finally became briefly available at H&H Winners Circle. (And then they were gone.) I don't know why these are so

From Seijun : PV parrots, crabs, turtles, fish, dolphins -and more later ;-)

Today I got a fackage from Pam ( Seijun), fuul of goodies. Some really, really great ones from Safari, - an LOTS of beautyful PlayVision models. My camera is really not good enough for these little models, but I WANT TO show you some of them, - here

Advice on dolphins or whales

So I need a good gift for my sisters on their birthday, and decided on the CollectA octopus for one (since she likes octupi), but wanted to know what was the best figure when it came to dolphins or whales? By saying the best I mean best in terms of looks

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