The Brotherhood of The Snake

Vamachara Sanatana Dharma Spiritual Satanism Gentile Paganism Goetic Demons Demon Satan Satanic Demonic Hell Duat Magic Devil Lucifer Truth Sanskrit Enochian Nazi

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Demonic Legacy

Friends gaming group

#demonic, legacy, friends, gaming, group

Fire-brand Forums

Where Adversary type Otherkin, be it fallen, or demonic. . ect. Can come meet others like them and have civil debates, in a mature setting.

demonkin, fallen, angels, otherkin

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Have you Seen an Angel or Demonic Entity?

Have you seen an angel or demonic entity? Do you hear voices other than God's speaking? Let's begin with, I am a Christian and a true believer of Jesus Christ, whom is my Lord and Savior, I am a very strong Christian. I believe in God the Father, God

Demonic Dreams

I experienced what I thought to be demonic dreams for quite some time before I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. After I was saved the dreams stopped for a long time but just recently they have started coming back. Last night, I dreamed that I

Demonic attacks

Please pray for me. Last week I was alone in the house doing the dishes in the kitchen and all of a sudden I saw like black shadow zooming through to the other room and I didn't want to notice that because I knew that I was the only one in the house.

Sad demonic manifestations. Trouble ahead?

Dream goes like this: I was in a house, power is off and a demon is fooling around with a light bulb in the ceiling. Place dark, I feel apprehension the whole time in my dream. Fear and distress. My favorite hoody was somehow on the counter. Before I

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