The Tainted Clock Is Counting Down

To be your friend was all I ever wanted, to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.

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Free forum : Endless Nights

Free forum : A Rift guild on the server of Laethys. Laid back, friendly, and fun. We want to work together to enjoy the game without counting out the beans.

mmorpg, endless, nights, laethys, rift, guild, server, laid, back, friendly, want, work, together, enjoy, game, without, #counting, beans

Clock of the Fates

The year is 2027. The setting, A time of great innovation and technological advancement. A time of Chaos & conspiracy as well as the rediscovery of Magic and Dragons.

clock, fates, science, fiction, fantasy, magic, dragons, 2027, great, innovation, technological, advancement, chaos, conspiracy, rediscovery

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Im back! Counting bites this time

I done this a few years ago only to find myself in some health issues. 10 bites a day isnt enough but. 10 bites at at time is, until my stomach is hungry again. Counting my bites works! so I am back, countin my bites! Lost 2.8 lbs so far.

Counting Down

Tomorrow is the first day of February, and my first day counting bites. I am not sure how many bites I want to start with. I do know that when I am really 'tuned in' to my hunger signals, I get full on very little food and drop weight fairly easily and

There's an iphone app for counting bites!!

It's called the 80 bites app. It's part of a diet that allows 80 bites per day or something. I want to share it because it could be really useful for those on maintenance or trying to figure out what number of bites works for them. I guess on days off

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