Free forum : Cobalt Weyr

A 13th Interval Pernese Weyr, with both Cannon colored dragons and new, mutan colored dragons.

free, cobalt, weyr, pern, 13th, interval, dragon, pernese, dragonriders

Pencil Painting Network

For all artists who love to paint with all kind of pencils like colored pencils, watercolor pencils, graphite, pastel pencils and so on.

pencil, painting, network, artists, painters, #colored, pencils, watercolor, graphite, pastel, coloursoft

Yorkie Avenue

Forum for All colors of Yorkshire Terrier Lovers

yorkshire, terrier, parti, yorkies, yorkie, biewer, #colored, terriers

Topics linked your research : colored

One diagonal, and to exchange or not to exchange?

Pure opposite colored bishop endings have a very large drawish tendency. If the defender is dug in on squares of his own bishop his fortress usually cannot be stormed. In his second example our resident GM endgame expert has a serious admonition: before

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