Asmodian Alliance

Asmodian Alliance from Telemachus. We're fighting for asmodea!

#asmodian, alliance, from, telemachus, we're, fighting, asmodea!


Asmodian Legion

vanguard, #asmodian, legion

Red Lions

Free forum : Red Lions is an Asmodian Legion from the Castor server in Aion.

lions, forum, aion, ncsoft, #asmodian, eylos, game, gaming, community

Sekhet Iaru

Asmodian Legion

sekhet, iaru, #asmodian, legion


Asmodian Legion

aion, #asmodian, legion

Aphotic Legion

The official message boards for the Asmodian Aion Legion of Israphel, Aphotic!

aphotic, legion, official, message, boards, #asmodian, aion, israphel, aphotic!

FairyTail - Aion Asmodian Spatalos Legion

Asmodian Legion for the MMO Aion. Spatalos Server

fairytail, aion, spatalos, legion

Free forum : Eclipse

Eclipse - Nexus

free, forum, eclipse, #asmodian, nexus, aion

Grim's Hand Union

Home of the most badass legions in Aion. Legions include Circle of the Reaper, Scythes of Tyrael, Brothers of Sacred Steel, and Legends of Aion - all from Siel server.

grims, hand, union, elyos, #asmodian, legion

Praetorian Legion

Fórum da Praetorian Legion - AION

aion, praetorian, legion, fórum, #asmodian, asmodians, israphel

Lets Play Aion

The place where Prodigy plans to pwn you.

aion, legion, requiem, mmorpg, elyos, #asmodian, world, warcraft, abyss, guild, recruitment, application

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