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aggressive | gaming. LAN and Online competitive gaming team.

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Aggressive Team

Counter strike 1. 6 clan

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Free forum : New forum for a mix of different cars: Local Events for your area. Aggressive Fitment, Drift, Drag, VIP, Top Speed et al. Respect for proper Street Driven tuners.

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Noble Sentiments

Noble sentiments is an aggressive, combat oriented, NBSI corporation that seeks profit and welfare for it's members and allies.

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Positional aggressive active solid defensive ,,, chess engines

hi every one what is the difference between the playing styles of the chess engines like : 1-Aggressive 2-Active 3-Solid 4-Defensive 5-Positional 6-tactical 7-Human-like ( human style ) and as you think put the chess engines you knows

Stockfish 2.1.1 JA 64bit X (new settings) vs. Stockfish 2.1.1 JA 64bit

Stockfish 2.1.1 JA 64bit X (new settings) vs. Stockfish 2.1.1 JA 64bit Code:                                  1  Stockfish 2.1.1X    +8 

Stockfish won against houdini 3 --- aggressive attack worked

this newest version of stockfish (2013 3 15th) is very good it is made by the maker of ryanfish which has the elo of 3250 (houdini 3 pro = 3300) stockfish attacks houdini with pawns and other heavy pieces and worked!!! if this quality match is

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