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Wishing for A mask.

sometimes people just don't care about you, wheter its the way you look, the way you talk, how old you are, Scorp, yes i'm talking to you. Sometines i wish i could just have a mask. Please post pictures of what your ideal mask is for you, or for erik. Min

The Wishing Spell: Written, Directed and Executively Produced by Chris Colfer

Let the next chapter begin.. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/chris-colfer-shawn-levy-tackling-land-stories-movie-fox-1013051 Press for TLOS6 will surely include some early movie information. I thought that it would be useful to start a

TLOS review

Paulo: since you are hte first one among us to have this book, and it's been many many many days since you got it, and it's a short book lasting about half a day, please give us a reivew of some sort, and do not post any spoilers!

Birthday Greetings to Melbert on Monday 3 Nov

I'm a bit early I know but it's my bed time here in UK. "Happy Birthday Dear Mel.... Happy Birthday to You." ( Can you hear me singing ? You're 21...again). Here's a lovely singer for you on Your Special Day.

Wishing Ann Well

Readers who just glance in may have missed Ann's fall and subsequent brain surgery.  Catch up on her joy thread and wish her  well here.

Positive Energy/Prayers/Wishes/Vibes

Okay, fellow COHers. I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but it just occurred to Mr to use the energy force of this forum, so here it is. I'm on my way out the door to a meeting. Yes, it's late. Yes, it's Sunday. And yes, it's Mother's Day. Bu

Pokemon Rayquaza Edition (PRE for short)

Ok i was really bored when i posted this so bare with me on this idea of a story. Ok so heres how its going down, we all (those wanting to take part) make up a character, and put him/her into a region. You can chose between any region and you can move

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