Free forum : Oldhall Whippet Racing Club

Free forum : The Whippet Racing Club is a club that let's all people join. Whippet racing is just practically dogs racing.

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The Poachers Pocket

The one stop place for all hunting, catapult, fishing, shooting and country pursuit enthusiasts. Catapults, dogs, ferrets, gardening, knives, air guns, you name it we talk about it. All are welcome.

poaching, hunting, shooting, catapult, slingshot, country, enthusiasts, catapults, dogs, ferrets, gardening, knives, guns, forum, rifle, shotgun, #whippet, ferret, lurcher, coursing, fishing, gill, trapp

Lurcher SOS Sighthound Rescue

A Surrey based rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned and abused lurchers, greyhounds and other sighthounds.

lurcher, greyhounds, rescue, sighthounds, #whippet, rehabilitation, rehoming, abandoned, abused, lurchers, whippets

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Giveaway - Whippet x Kelpie puppy

12 Week old Whippet x Kelpie male puppy. Very smart. Has learnt to sit and stay. House trained. Comes when called. Sadly needs a new home due to personal reasons. No fault of the puppy.

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