Wasted Society

Welcome to wasted society. This is our wasteland. Join us in our fight to make the Australian alternative scene stronger. Here we can share local talent, up coming events, information

free, forum, #wasted, society, welcome, this, wasteland, join, fight, make, australian, alternative, scene, stronger, here, share, local, tale, metal, screamo, music, melbourne, gigs, australi

AVRO Gumshoe

Tracking down the history of AVRO Canada, wasted technology and missed chances.

avro, gumshoe, tracking, down, history, canada, #wasted, technology, missed, chances

Wasted - Shattered Halls

A Raiding Guild.

#wasted, shattered, halls, raiding, guild


free forum : Wasted American Youth. WaYClan. free forum Renegade WaYclan,

free, renegade, wayclan

Jennifer Paige Forum

Forum about american singer Jennifer Paige. Jennifer Paige Forum

jenniferpaige, jennifer, paige, crush, sober, stranded, positively, somewhere, best, kept, secret, #wasted, forum

The official forums of TimeWastedTuesday.net and our Sponsored Guilds

The official forums of TimeWastedTuesday.net and our Sponsored Guilds

mmorpg, time, #wasted, tuesday, beta, guild, hosting

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Necromancer Crypt - Battle w/ Boss Wasted?

Has anyone experienced this with the boss battles? I have battled the boss "rooms" (necromancer, general, vampire, etc.) before and after each battle, I've been rewarded a chest and the room was then opened for playing. Tonight, i battled i

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