KMC Cycling Club Forum

Free forum : The Kaiserslautern Military Community Cycling Club is is a diverse group of people from across the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) brought together by a common interest in cycling

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Fighter Planes

One stop forum for all your military aviation news and views. Talk about whats hot and whats cool in the world of air force. Be it the stealth F22 or super maneuverable MiG35, if its in news, the forum is the place to discuss.

force, discuss, fighter, planes, military, #usaf, missiles, choppers, fighters, awacs, sukhoi, su27, su30, su30mki, su32, su35, su34

Free forum : United States Air Force

Free forum : We Stand United !!. Free forum : United States Air Force

free, united, states, force

British Army Forum

Free forum : This is the US Armed Forces, in Habbo US. It's currently owned by: . Webster, valuablechaz, Y. Flames-Kid. Current CnC: . Webster Thanks for joining USAF!

free, british, army, forum

Texas Wing Forum

A forum for members of the Civil Air Patrol's Texas Wing

free, civil, patrol, texas, wing, #usaf, auxiliary

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Virtuel Radar

Take a look at this site how empty are the Sky's :- It's supposed to be only 4 minutes old. Or if you are a boat lover try here :- Roy

New USAF Super Weapon,,,, scary

This is a picture of the US Air Force's new 21,000 Pound MOAB --- the 'Mother Of All Bombs'. It is an upgrade of the 15,000 pound 'Daisy cutter' Which was used in Afghanistan The USAF and Coalition forces are planning to drop The MOAB on Tehran

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