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The Soldier Front Collection Forum

What we do: The Soldier Front Collection is a youtube channel with the purpose of uploading and reviewing the best of SF video editing. Our goal is to populate SF video editing and make

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Proplems uploading Images VIA Servimg

OK for some reason, the Servimg thing is not working for me. Every time I upload a photo it says that its either corrupted or too large, now I did nothing to change my photos, and I managed to upload some in the past but now they wont upload today. Anyon

uploading photos - Irish Railways

hello all, am new to this, whats the best way to upload photos. I have set up a photobucket album , what do I do next?

Trouble uploading image

I'm having some trouble uploading images-  I click the icon, click browse, select my photo, then click host it but nothing happens after that.

New method for uploading images

For those who haven't uploaded an image in the last while, please note there is a new method of doing so.   We've updated the tutorial accordingly, and it can still be found at  /t243-b-tutorial-on-posting-pics The major differences are first a drag an

Uploading Building Plans?

Jacob -- I have some 500+ 1/2A plans, but almost all are in a .pdf format. Do you have any future plans for allowing posting of this file format? andrew

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