'Believers Only' Forum

The goal of 'Believers Only' is to have a wonderful learning experience together, undisturbed by the so called 'debunkers', non-believers, undercover disinformation agents or close minded people (who

'believers, only', forum, goal, have, wonderful, learning, experience, together, undisturbed, called, 'debunkers', non-believers, #undercover, disinfor

Forum - NFS Secrets

Need for speed forum which is a home to the modders and researchers of need for speed games. We are creating resources and mods for nfs games, as well as fixing bugs in the games.

need, speed, forum, modding, resources, most, wanted, latest, patch, community, tweaks, glitches, games, carbon, #undercover, underground, secrets

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Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire

I've found a new joy in watching some of the "reality" shows these days. I'm not silly enough to believe that there is not a whole lot of scripting involved, but these shows glorify kindness and giving and I've really been enjoying them. For

I'm drug dealer

I had a dream that I was dealing cocaine an had $100,000.00 in cash in my house. I knew the cops would soon raid my home so I went outside to bird the cocaine . It was at night AND I started digging in my backyard WHICH had the freshest soil that was

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