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Need for speed forum which is a home to the modders and researchers of need for speed games. We are creating resources and mods for nfs games, as well as fixing bugs in the games.

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PunBB Community Forum is Forumotion hosted forum which offers a lot of quality tutorials, skins, tips and tricks for your forum. Improve your forum quality today with us!

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Any ENB tweaks that turned out really cool?

I made one ENB tweak out of curiosity just an hour ago. I first installed Overgrowth ENB, then I added the ENB pallete of the Midhrastic ENB, with it's sweetfx settings and injifix shaders. I went into game and it turned out looking really cool and post

Crysis 2 hotfix. Weapon balance and module tweaks. (4-21-11)

Guess a hot fix to re-balance most of the guns and modules just came out.... Copied from the mycrysis forums Hi everyone! We've been monitoring weapon performance over the last few weeks and have made several balance adjustments. Below you'll

Tweaks and Tips

I am tinkering around with the fn2000 series of weapons. I have found that 'class = WP_BINOC' does: 1) you can only use single shot (doesnt matter if you have firing modes 1,3,-1) 2) you cant use grenade launcher (inbuilt) 3-a) you get the binocular

Nvidia factory tweaks

Borderlands 2 - Gain Performance And Improvements With .ini File Tweaks

You’ll find your .ini files here: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config\ Make sure you back up your config and save game data Disable Startup Movies This will allow you to turn off the various logos when the game

FNV Performance Tweaks

Hey everybody at GUN, My performance in NV has never really bothered me, I get 60 fps in doors and outdoors the better side of 35+, although lately it's been getting to me. I'm interested to know if anybody has any performance tweaks they suggest. I

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