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Secrets of trapped traders

One of the biggest issues that intraday traders have to deal with these days is high tech trading that is driven by lightning fast execution and analysis capabilities that are driven by computers that typically reside at the exchange and that can see and

COCO - Snack for day traders?

COCO has not appreciated much as I was expecting. But it has been showing consistent opportunities for day trading if you were looking for quick bucks. The range has been 78~84. I think this is a good share for medium/long time as well.

Top 10 Investors of All Time – Great Stock Traders

The greatest investors leave clues. When investing, investigate the clues left by the all time greatest investors. 1. Warren Buffet Investment style: Long-term growth Best investment: Coca Cola, 1988 Buffet began investing in 1954 with just $100.

Ishara Traders exits Sathosa Motors as Access ups stake to near 80%

Long standing shareholder Ishara Traders-fame Raja Nanayakkara yesterday exited Sathosa Motors Plc for Rs. 235 million allowing the Sumal Perera-controlled Access Engineering to increase its stake to near 80%. The specific block was 1.007 million share

Ten Different Types Of Traders. Which One Are You?

In the markets there are many different types of traders and many motivations that drive them. Everyone has heard of different types of traders based on their trading method: Swing Traders, Day Traders, Momentum Traders, etc. But what about different

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