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Oh, for a tortoiseshell bead .........

A pendant bought by my lovely DH some years ago came into its own today when I paired it with some TBs for the very first time So I put together a bracelet to match - with a few ambers, OOAKS and some gorgeous artisan glass I have All

Bug/Pest Identification....Help!

Hey Guys, Ugh, I went out to check the garden this morning and was disappointed to see that something has just destroyed my okra. It was shocking because it seems likes this happened almost over night. Any and all help would be appreciated, at this rate

tortoise beetles - maybe?

So, when I went out to the garden tonight I saw a bunch of these bugs (see photos below) on my potato plant leaves - ugh! Interesting looking? Maybe. Ugly? Maybe. I am undecided about the look of these critters. However, I am decidedly unhappy about the

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