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Great Team Thunders

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You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/Hurtin' [official]

JT Cyber Lounge - This is a very nice single taken from the album 'So Alone'. 'Hurtin' on the 'B' side was not released on the original album but can now be found on the CD reissues. Side A - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory Side B -

The Best of Johnny Thunders [Teichiku Records - CD; bootleg]

JT Cyber Lounge - This is definitely not the best of Johnny Thunders. It's a compilation of B grade material that comes from demos and outtakes, all previously released. It covers the time period from early Dolls demos through early Heartbreakers demos an

Thunders & The Heartbreakers [Cheese Records EP]

This is the same material as Proud To Be Pirate, Mr. Johnny Thunders and It's Great When You're Straight. This seems to be the first pressing of this record. It had a run of only 300 copies and came in a cardboard sleeve. The title is misleading becaus

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