We value loyalty, teamwork and honour. Located in Thuringia. Be willing to teleport here to join. Minimum 40k prestige.

redtide, value, loyalty, teamwork, honour, located, thuringia, willing, #teleport, here, join, minimum, prestige


Free forum : TontoroMS highrated server![10k/10k/10k] needs hamachi, hardly even dc, fm rooms have random monsters! teleport to FM working NO LAG!

free, tontoroms

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Teleport - Divide your map(s)!

Before I start, two things are to be brought up. 1) I didnt come up with this, Fujita Seiko did. 2) This is to those who dont know how to do it, though it is very easy! Here is the map that I made, which I divided into 2 halves, purposely made to go

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